Giving Priorities


PROGRAM EXCELLENCE Autism, Fragile X Syndrome, multiple and complex disability diagnoses compounded by physical and psychiatric challenges push the boundaries of existing programs. We constantly evaluate and plan for the priorities of our current population and future referrals. Ongoing program evaluation, analysis of new special education methods and initiating pilot programs will help us meet the changing needs of our students.

FACULTY AND STAFF EXCELLENCE It takes a special person to care for people with disabilities. We are proud of our over 50-year history of attracting outstanding faculty and staff. We must continue to recruit gifted, dedicated and accomplished people. Increased competition from other organizations and our rural location make recruitment difficult. Resources are required to attract the very best faculty and staff and encourage their development.

TUITION ASSISTANCE As government funding continues to be squeezed, tuition assistance applications increase. Currently, all tuition assistance funds are generated from fund-raising activities. We must increase and stabilize the source of this need-based assistance.

Your gift to Benedictine will:

Educate children who are not served in other settings
Support the advancement of cutting edge educational techniques
Develop values of learning, working, caring and living together
Provide a safe environment for people with special needs
Raise awareness of the capabilities of people with disabilities
Put smiles on the faces of people whose lives have been changed

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