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July, 2014 – 
Benedictine Announces Board of Directors Officers

February, 2014 – 
Benedictine Experts Present Seminar in Howard County

January, 2014 – 
Official Opening of Talbot County Supported Employment Office

January, 2014 – 
Classic Boat Club in St. Michaels Gives to Benedictine Students

December, 2013 – 
State Senator Hershey Visits Benedictine

December, 2013 – 
State Disabilities Secretary Raggio Visits Benedictine

December, 2013 – 
Benedictine models accessibility at Martinak State Park

October, 2013 – 
Peter Franchot presents Shaefer “Helping People” Award to Sister Jeannette

October, 2013 – 
Judi Cornette Appears in Internet Video “Relinquishing Childcare”

September, 2013 – 
Benedictine To Co-Sponsor Autism Spectrum Conference in November

August, 2013 – 
Jeff Moran Appointed to State Disabilities Advocacy Council

July, 2013 – 
Chrome City Ride XII Brings in Over $95,000

May, 2013 – 
“Give A Child A Voice” Campaign Raises $5000 to buy iPads for Communication

May, 2013 – 
Second Annual Sister Jeannette Award Presented to Carolyn Ebling

May, 2013 – 
Benedictine Adult Services to Expand Supported Employment in Easton

April 28, 2013 – Spring Benefit 2013 – 
Benedictine’s Children and Adults Win at Circus Casino Night

March 21, 2013 – 
Our Sister Jeannette has gone home …

January 2013 – 
Sweetly Made, by Benedictine’s Vocational Program, opens our
Bakery – Florist – Gift Shop on Market Street in Denton

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