Adult Services Admissions

At Benedictine, we understand how important it is for parents and care givers to find services that will support the individual interests, strengths, and needs of their loved one.  Our person-centered approach to finding the right fit means we take the time to get to know each applicant.  We encourage you to schedule a tour of our group homes and spend as much time as needed to best determine if we can meet the needs of your loved one.  Please call 410-634-1990 and ask for our admissions coordinator to answer your questions and discuss next steps.  Our application form is available for your convenience if you are interested in submitting an application. 080415OCPAdmissionsImage

The adults we support in community-based group homes may also receive funding for Benedictine’s employment and community services.  We are proud of the fact that all of the adults we serve have the opportunity to work, train, and explore vocational interests with a person-centered approach.   

Goals and outcomes for both the residential and employment and community services are directed by the individual as he or she is able, with thoughtful consideration and input from the person-center planning.  Benedictine’s program coordinators provide professional guidance instilling confidence and trust in the support and care each loved one receives. 


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