Employment & Community Services for Adults

At the heart of our mission is commitment to the Benedictine value, Dignity of Work.   We believe that regardless of the degree of disability, all people should have the opportunity to explore interests and abilities through involvement in a variety of meaningful, productive activities. All individuals have a varied weekly schedule based on each person’s unique interests, strengths, and needs, and includes both paid opportunities at Benedictine’s businesses as well as competitive work, volunteer jobs, and other meaningful activities.

Community opportunities are a priority.  

Supported Employment

In conjunction with  Maryland’s “Employment First” initiative, Benedictine’s Supported Employment services provides a range of services including but is not limited to pre-employment education, career exploration, skills development, job coaching supports, group involvement/advocacy, job development, discovery and customized employment, and career focused training. Benedictine’s Supported Employment services participants have the opportunity to work competitively in the local and regional business community as well as in Benedictine’s businesses.

Since the 1980’s, Benedictine has supported adults in finding and keeping competitively paid jobs in the community.   Benedictine partners with leaders from the business community representing a range of industries including food service, health & beauty, administrative/office, hospitality, and retail. 

Community Development Services

Community Development Services offers individualized services based on the needs and desires of each participant.  This is accomplished with a hands-on approach to learning new job skills, creating innovative learning tools, and developing work schedules that meet each person’s ability and interests.  

Individuals participating in Community Development Services are provided opportunities to develop skills and interests. People with therapeutic needs are offered access to occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, personal training, nutrition and therapeutic horseback riding in their local communities.

Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS)

Benedictine’s Community Services and Training Center is a licensed provider and partner with the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS).  Our Training Center includes job specific modules with step-by-step lesson plans and a community practicum. With the support of our community partners we offer skills development and on-site training. This training offers our transitional individuals an introduction to our program, our current individuals the opportunity to be able to enhance their skills set, and advancement opportunities to those already working competitively in the community. Trainings offered include: retail, hospitality, office skills, and customer service. 

At Benedictine, we are dedicated to providing opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to gain competitive integrated employment, community volunteerism, and meaningful life experiences.  In addition, people supported have opportunities to plan and participate in community, leisure, and recreation activities of their choice.

Benedictine currently provides employment services to over 115 adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities.  Benedictine has established relationships with over 100 community employers and training partners.

The Benedictine Community Services and Training Center serves adults and students through a partnership with the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS).  Benedictine provides classroom training and employment field experiences in specific vocations.

Benedictine is always looking to expand our network of community partners and employers.  The results of the training provided at Benedictine produces a job ready-motivated work force prepared to fulfill your staffing needs.


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