Apply for Admissions

Our Admissions staff is pleased to help guide you through our admissions’ process, which begins with collecting your child’s educational and medical records along with completing our admissions application. (Click here to download our application.)

Contact our Admissions Department at 410-634-2112, ext. 1130 or 1140, to request a packet which includes our full admissions policy and list of all required information.

A completed admissions packet must be submitted to the Admissions Office for consideration. The following information is required:

  • Benedictine School Application Form
  • Admission Fee for Private Pay Applicants
  • Current IEP
  • Most Recent School Progress Reports
  • Re-Evaluation/Eligibility Determination Report*
  • Recent Psychological Evaluation/Review (must be within one year)*
  • Recent Psychiatric Evaluation (if appropriate)*
  • Social History
  • Medical Information (including updated immunization records)
  • Current Clinical Therapy Evaluations (OT, PT, Speech), if appropriate*
  • Current Functional Behavioral Assessment / Behavior Plan*
  • Other Assessment Information, as appropriate*

*All evaluations must be signed and dated by the evaluator.

If the Admissions Committee determines that a referral to the Benedictine School is appropriate, an interview with the student, parents, and/or agency representative will be scheduled. During the admissions interview, an informal evaluation of the student will be conducted by a team of appropriate service providers. The Admissions Committee may also send a team to observe the child in their current placement, if the committee determines the need for better insight prior to making a placement determination.        

The Admissions Committee will make a decision after completing the referral and interview process. Each referral is reviewed on an individual basis to ensure appropriate accommodations can be made to meet the child’s needs. A parent/staff team meeting will be scheduled following acceptance and prior to admission.

Classroom and residential placements are based on assessed cognitive abilities, social and emotional needs, physical size, and age.

Benedictine is an equal opportunity educational program.  Benedictine does not discriminate in the delivery of services on account of race, color, religion, national origin, citizenship status, ancestry, age, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability.


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