Social Worker Month: Meet Ms. Karen

Meet Ms. Karen:

Social Worker month each March is a time to recognize the talented professionals that connect, counsel and care for students here at Benedictine – and across the country. The journey leading each licensed social worker to this career field is undoubtedly guided by a passion for helping others. For Ms. Karen McCall, that inspiration started when she became a parent to a child with autism.
“There are cases where the career field chooses us,” said Karen. “My goal was to be more knowledgeable about intellectual disabilities and learn how to be a more effective parent raising a child with autism.”
In 1997, Karen stepped onto the Delaware State Campus originally as a nursing major, but switched to social work earning her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in social work from DSU.
That first step on her career path has led her to opportunities to work with corrections (juvenile), foster care and adoption, and counseling with individuals, families and groups.
“Social work is a generalist perspective that opens the eyes of social workers to a wide variety of opportunities. It is so true when it states that social workers are change agents.”
In 2014, Karen found her next opportunity by accepting a Case Manager position here at Benedictine. For the last six years she has worked with a diverse population on a team that too is passionate about helping others.
“It feels good getting to do a job everyday that provides you with purpose. The best part of my job is helping families learn how to empower their children to become independent adults in a world of uncertainty. Seeing families learn to trust others that care is such a rewarding experience. I’m happy to be a social worker!”

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