Support Benedictine

Every day, the Benedictine Foundation helps provide philanthropic funds to enable more than 200 children and adults with developmental disabilities and autism achieve their highest potential and participate as fully as possible in their community through education, work and home life.

Donors support Benedictine for a variety of reasons:

  • To support our mission of helping children and adults reach their greatest potential;
  • To help fund specific projects life new community living options, vocational education, nw equipment for our Benedictine Graphics, Busy Bee, the Garden Center and other work place opportunities for the adults we serve.
  • To underwrite ongoing support for the education and care of the individuals we serve every day, 365 days a year.

The Benedictine Foundation facilitates giving from a wide variety of individuals, foundations and corporate supporters. Through its Annual Fund and special events like the Spring Benefit and Chrome City, the foundation raises gifts and grants that support the Benedictine School and the Adult Open Community Program and the individuals served by these programs.

Inspired Giving – Fall 2017

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